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How 50 medical experts separated Kenyan conjoined twins in 23-hour surgery

Former conjoined twins, Blessing and Favour, after a successful surgery at Kenyatta National Hospital. Kenyatta National Hospital


The successful separation of two year old conjoined twins at Kenyatta National Hospital marked a medical milestone in Kenya. Other than South Africa, very few successful separations have been performed in  sub-Saharan Africa. In Kenya a multi-disciplinary team of medical experts operated on the twins for 23 uninterrupted hours. The Conversation Africa’s health and medicine editor Joy Wanja Muraya spoke to Dr Joseph Wanjeri about the surgery and post recovery of the twins who are home.

Can you explain conjoined twins, and its prevalence?

Conjoined twins are two babies born physically connected to each other. The extent and site of their union varies from sharing a band of skin and underlying tissues to more complex varieties sharing vital organs.

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