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Research: Blood cancer is most prevalent at 42

KESHO founder Prof Nicholas Othieno-Abinya addresses the press during Kenya International Cancer Conference in Kisumu on November 24,2016. Forty thousand cases of cancer is detected in Kenya every year.(Photo: Denish Ochieng/ standard)


A form of cancer of the blood has been found to occur earlier in Kenyans compared to estimates from developed countries. Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) occurs at the age of 42 in victims in Kenya compared to the West where most patients are about 67 years old.

Prof Nicholas Othieno Abinya, says the cancer starts in the blood-forming cells of the bone marrow and later spreads to the blood. Exposure to high dose radiation from atomic bombs is the only confirmed cause of CML whereas exposure to benzene is largely considered weak to cause the disease.

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