The ABC’s of our children’s eyes

The eyes of a child are described as being fresh and they have been appreciated for providing a look at life begging for adventure and curiosity.

But this is not always the case especially when a child’s eyes have a problem.

Consultant Ophthalmologist Dr Michael Gichangi shares some pointers that could point towards an eye problem.

Today’s article is a short and sweet read; more in the video.

Here are the basics of human eye.

You should have two eyes

They should both look straight

The black part of the eye should be black and the white clear

No teary eyes.

No red eyes.

The eyes should not be itchy or painful.

Anything short of this, you should see a doctor.

In today’s video, Dr Gichangi sheds more light on how to diagnose eye problems in children and also helps us to distinguish between short sightedness, long sightedness and another condition known as presbyopia.

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